Let's talk about what we can do, together.

Local government and politics are better when we talk about what we can do--not personal attacks or focusing on what "can't" be done.  That's why were running for Township Council--because we know we can do better. 

For too long, the same group of politicians have controlled our Township Council.  It's time for better oversight, increased accountability and more creativity.  Will you join us in putting West Caldwell on the path to a brighter future? 

Review Township Departments and Budgets

Review Township Departments and Budgets. It's important to know how your tax dollars are being spent and are being used effectively. We will audit all departments to make sure we are following state protocols and ensuring that municipal contracts are given to the vendors that are the best and most cost-efficient for our taxpayers.

Protecting Our Quality of Life

West Caldwell is an extraordinary place to live and raise a family.  We will do everything we can to protect our quality of life - including working to prevent overdevelopment, coordinating with the county and neighboring municipalities for mosquito control, infrastructure, and stormwater maintenance, and doing everything we can to support and improve our business district on Bloomfield and Passaic Avenues.

Pass Stronger Ethics Laws

 The current Mayor and Council have taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from West Caldwell's former tax attorney, who was arrested and caught in a scheme to bribe elected officials and provide illegal campaign contributions in exchange for lucrative municipal contracts - including in West Caldwell. Once elected, we will pass strong pay-to-play laws and review all contracts to ensure that West Caldwell's best interests are what determines who gets Township contracts - not who donates to our campaign.