Our Town Council needs fresh leadership that will work towards updating the master plan to ensure that our community remains a beautiful place to live with a thriving town center. The township’s current redevelopment area on the western side of town has long been an eyesore with old and abandoned buildings taking up an area with great potential for more public space. The Almeida/Lazarow team would work with the community to make West Caldwell more walkable and revive the downtown area.


West Caldwell deserves “A Different Voice” in the room that will pull back the curtain and see how our elected officials are spending our money. We must determine if the budget prioritizes the collective values of our town and if our money is being spent responsibly. After the election, the first point of order would be to review all of the departments and budgets in the town to find out exactly where our tax dollars are going and how they are being spent.


The Almeida/Lazarow team will fight for our small business community if they are elected to the Council. Now, more than ever, our local businesses need the support of the local government and we have to be doing more. They will work with businesses to create a West Caldwell Merchants Association and offer new programs and initiatives to help our community businesses thrive. Some possibilities are: “Dine Out West Caldwell” or block party events that will effectively market local businesses and encourage residents to shop/dine locally.